Dream Monkeys by Gypsie

Welcome to "Moe Jo Studio" ~ Gypsieart!

We are a mother/daughter team located, in Southern Minnesota. I feel I am very lucky to have a talented/gifted daughter, Tyler Jo, 14 yrs. old. We are both self taught artists. We combined our names Moe  and Jo (my last name and Ty's middle name) and call our studio "Moe Jo Studio". We are a mother/daughter that love creating paintings together. We do one on one paintings as well.

We also create ooak clay sculptures. We use our own imagination in all our creations.

Our artwork is all original and 100% handmade/patterns without the use molds. It takes several hours/days to complete our creations.

I have always dreamed of having a monkey every since I was a small child. After doing lots of research and decided that a monkey was something that I definately wanted. I now am owned by 4 capuchin monkey's. The passion and love for primates is what got me into sculpting "Dream Monkey's". 

"Dream Monkeys" are created for all monkey lovers/collectors. So, if you always dreamed of owning a monkey. You came to the right place! Welcome to my world:) A place where your dreams can become reality:)

If you would like to see Tyler Jo's artwork....please, visit her website. Click on the link to view her website

Tyler Jo's Artwork

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Peace, Love, and Light  ~ Gypsie xoox 


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