~Moon Phases for Spell Casting~

It’s not a great importance to use certain phases of the moon with spells BUT it does increase the strength of the spell.  Here’s the phases of the moon and what kind of spells are best for each phase if they are to work their GREATEST magic.

This is when the moon is increasing in size of visibility. This phase is for doing spells that might increase your gain such as love, money, power or other material things.

This phase is where I do most of my spells. For many including myself we believe your magic is much more powerful during this phase. Most people consider the full moon the actual night that it is the fullest and marked on the calendar. However, the moon still has the same influence for a seven day period.

This is when the moon is decreasing in size of visibility. This phase is for spells that do away with things or make things go away. Such as making someone leave you.

This is when the first moon appears in the sky as a thin sliver of light. Spells under this phase are for new beginnings, new ventures, new life and new opportunities. So many spells concerning children and pregnancy are done under this phase.

When no moon is in the sky. This is generally a period of rest and only two types of magic are worked during this phase: Binding and Banishing spells.

This is when two full moons appear within the same month.
This phase is known as the goal setting moon and you should never waste this powerful time in the lunar cycle